Office Cleaning is our speciality , with our fully trained staff available to cover all your needs. 

  • Carpets hoovered
  • Empty all bins
  • Desks, phones and keyboards all cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes
  • Stairs mopped or hoovered 
  • Stair rail cleaned with anti-bacterial spray 
  • Hardfloors cleaned with disinfectant floor cleaner 
  • Elevators wiped down inside and out with anti -bacterial cleaner 
  • Lobby areas cleaned and sanitised 
  • Toilet areas fully cleaned and mopped with high grade disinfectant
  • Door areas and push plates cleaned 
  • Kitchen area cleaned with food safe anti-bac spray 

    If you have any special cleaning request not listed above then please call us now as I am sure we can accommodate your needs . 

      Call us on  0800-999-1061